Thursday, 20 April 2017

Sex abuse victims' attorney warns Vatican could be next

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Two new lawsuits were filed Wednesday but Attorney David Lujan says he plans to file two more by Monday.

Guam - Attorney David Lujan says more lawsuits will be filed in the coming days including two new ones next week that will name new priests.

He just filed two Wednesday in District Court, marking the 52nd and 53rd lawsuits to be filed in a matter of months. Both lawsuits filed name former Guam priest and Boy Scout master Father Louis Brouillard as the alleged perpetrator.

One is filed on behalf of a man with the initials M.W. who is now 54 years old. His lawsuit says that Brouillard sexually assaulted him over a one year period when he was 10 to 11 years old. M.W.’s lawsuit further accuses the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of plotting together, saying they “developed and maintained a relationship …. by which pedophilic priests exploited the opportunity to serve as scout masters for the specific purpose of having access to young boys.”  

The 53rd lawsuit was filed by 71-year-old Washington resident Thomas Cepeda who says Brouillard molested him when he was between the ages of 13 to 16 while serving as an altar boy and boy scout while living in Guam.

In addition, Lujan revealed that next Monday he’ll be filing two more lawsuits that will name new priests.

"I’m going to continue filing lawsuits," noted Lujan, adding, "Monday I’ll file two. I have a lot of clients. I’m gonna keep filing. I’m going to start alleging more things against Rome to show that Rome does control this archdiocese."

Meanwhile, Lujan says while the Vatican is named in most of the lawsuits he’s filed, they have not yet been named as defendants.

"There’s been various lawsuits throughout the various archdioceses in the United States and they’ve never done there like what they’re doing in Guam. They’ve never removed archbishops. So our position is Rome does in fact control Guam," Lujan pointed out. "If we don’t come to settlement I believe that eventually we’ll be amending our complaint to sue the Vatican also, bring them in."

You can read the two complaints filed Wednesday by clicking on the files below.



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