Friday, 21 April 2017

Peeping tom caught in hotel restroom

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23-year-old Valvano Alexander Erwin was arrested for using his cell phone to try to record a woman using the restroom.

Guam - On Wednesday, police responded to a complaint at the Hilton Hotel in Tumon regarding a peeping tom.

A magistrate report states that a 24-year-old female went into the women’s restroom at the hotel. Just as she pulled her shorts down to use the toilet, she noticed a cell phone on the floor with its video mode activated coming from the next stall. Court documents add that the victim saw her reflection on the cell phone and discovered a man identified as Valvano Alexander Erwin using the restroom stall next to her. Police say she confronted Erwin, telling him he was disrespectful.

Erwin later admitted to police that he heard someone enter the stall next to him and used the camera on his cell phone to view the victim. However, he denies taking any photos or videos of her. The report states Erwin threw his shirt so that the victim would not identify him.

He was charged with burglary as a second-degree felony, and invasion of privacy as a misdemeanor.

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