Monday, 08 May 2017

Senator Castro introduces measure to establish community-based fisheries

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Bill 86 is also called the Marine Conservation Act of 2017.

Guam - Senator Wil Castro has introduced his first measure, bill 86, which seeks to establish more community-based fisheries management on Guam.

Called the Marine Conservation Act of 2017, Senator Castro’s bill cites an ineffective marine management system under GovGuam, which the bill says “such threats are too great to be managed and addressed by any single agency of the government of Guam.”

Noting that marine resources around Guam are common property, Senator Castro is hoping to establish a community-based fisheries management system that would impose more responsibility upon the community for stewardship and management of marine conservation in and around the island.

You can read the measure in its entirety by clicking on the file below.


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