Monday, 08 May 2017

Gov Calvo to Speaker Cruz: stop delaying, pay the people their tax refunds

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"It is now up to you to pay the people their tax refunds or not.” -Governor Eddie Calvo to Speaker BJ Cruz.  

Guam - Over at Adelup, Governor Eddie Calvo is slamming Speaker BJ Cruz for so-called delays to dole out faster tax returns, adding that Cruz's substitute bill does "nothing to help: it merely reduces the amount we'll be able to pay."


Speaker Cruz plans to move to push back any issuance of a line of credit to next fiscal year, and only if the voters approve the note on an election ballot.

Those are just two amendments he will push for in special session. Other changes include limiting the governor's TRAN bill to a one-off issuance, capped at $40 million.

Meanwhile, the governor fought back with a statement this morning saying to Speaker Cruz, "Your bill does not solve the problem. It reduces the amount of the TRAN. And it delays the solution that we have laid before you. It is now up to you to pay the people their tax refunds or not.”

Click on the attached documents below to read the Governor’s statement in its entirety. 

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