Tuesday, 09 May 2017

Guam Nurses Association celebrates Nurses Month with healthier lifestyles

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This week is National Nurses Week, and the Guam Nurses Association has plans for the newly-proclaimed Nurses Month.

Guam - This year’s national theme is “Year of the Healthy Nurse,” designated by the American Nurses Association. Our nurses work hard to keep us healthy, but their health is important, too.

The Guam Nurses Association was established in 1951 and has since provided nurses with continuing education, as well as scholarships for aspiring nurses.

PNC sat down with GNA President Rose Grino and Director-at-Large Grace Murphy to discuss their plans to keep Guam’s nurses in tip-top shape so that they can continue to provide top-notch services to their patients.

"This year, the focus is on nurses. We have a very stressful job. We love our job, but we want to make sure that, this time, we focus on taking care of ourselves, and make sure we have the balance of our physical fitness, our mind, and also our spirit in order for use to effectively care for our patients and the community," said Grino.

After a proclamation signing, declaring May as Nurses Month, GNA started their month giving thanks for the hard work and dedication of all nurses with a special mass at Santa Barbara Catholic Church. GNA has things in store for nurses and the rest of the community in recognition of Nurses Month and to promote a healthier lifestyle, including a fun fitness day and a nursing conference where continuing education credits can be earned.

"This Saturday is our major nursing conference. We will be featuring speakers who talk on various topics about health. We’ll have a speaker highlighting the importance of exercise activity, sports activity for the healthcare worker, like us nurses. We do have a very challenging task, and as caregivers in the community, we’re very good at taking care of others, but it seems like we neglect ourselves most of the time," Murphy says. "The following Saturday is a fitness day, where we will be having a Mixxed Fit marathon at St. John’s Gym, which will be from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. It will be a very exciting time for all nurses to gather and celebrate together, having fun exercises... We will be in a better position to really advocate and support and educate our patients if we ourselves model healthy behavior."

Tickets for GNA’s Fitness Day on May 20 are $5 and can be purchased from any GNA member or at the door. The Nursing Conference this Saturday, May 13, will be held at the Westin Resort and Spa. Tickets are $70 for GNA members, and $95 for non-members. Nurses are encouraged to register ahead of time. For more information and/or tickets, contact Rose Grino at 929-5509 or Glynis Almonte at 787-4148. You can also message GNA through their Facebook page by searching for “Guam Nurses Association.”

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