Tuesday, 09 May 2017

Still no decisions made on UOG professor Ehlert's motion to dismiss

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All matters will be finalized at Michael Ehlert's pre-trial conference in June.

Guam - Defense Atty. Jay Arriola moved to dismiss both indictments against University of Guam professor, Michael Ehlert, which accuse him of sexually assaulting three university students in 2014.

Arriola says a memo from the university’s president to the attorney general requesting for assistance in the investigation is proof that the government should have known about Ehlert’s exculpatory statements, yet they were not presented to the grand jury, which Arriola says should be grounds for dismissal.

Asst. Atty. Gen. Matt Heibel argued, however, that the defense could have included this memo in the original motion and had a chance since then, but never mentioned it until today. Heibel adds that the government already presented evidence that the defense claimed was left out.

Judge Vern Perez has given time for the defense to submit the supplemental memo and for the government to respond, without having to move the July 12 trial date. All matters will be finalized at Ehlert’s pre-trial conference on June 13.

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