Wednesday, 10 May 2017

American Samoa Congresswoman on K-57

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The representative for American Samoa spoke about the challenges of representing a small island

Guam - On Newstalk k-57's Mornings with Patti, the Honorable Amua Amata Coleman Radewagen told Phill Leon Guerrero of her re-election to the United Sates Congress and working alongside fellow pacific island leadership.

"In the first place I'm new to congress and they're all old pros. They've been there for a long time, they recruit seniority,” she said.

She may not be as senior as the rest, but Radewagen is no freshman Representative either.

"God helped me get my first re-elect and I'm feeling blessed with that. But we do work as a team, and we keep each other appraised of things; yes we do have partisan difference from time to time. We focus on what we agree on as opposed to what we disagree upon and it works really well for us as a system,” she said.

She also shared all about her plans moving forward in the Trump Administration.

"As you know the house senate passed the appropriations omnibus bill last week and I took a look at it and the interior funding has not decreased....but I'm very pleased with where we are at this particular point in time,” she added.

The representative for American Samoa spoke about the challenges of representing a small island, a shared challenge no doubt with Guam's very own Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo.

“I'm very confident that we will be okay, the territories, I do mean that. But as I say we've got to continually be vigilant, because obviously that's what our job is, the three of us and that is to make sure we're included in the legislation that is good for us and then we spend the other half of our time making sure we're excluded in legislation that would hurt us.”

As for her priorities? Infrastructure, education and corporate tax reform.


Congresswoman Radewagen, an alumna of the University of Guam, also spoke to students in a lecture entitled "My Road to Congress went through Guam".

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