Monday, 15 May 2017

Save Southern Guam grills GLUC for "accommodating" Pago Bay Ocean Resort

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 “In spite of all the non-compliance, the GLUC continues to accommodate this developer as if they were the last resort (pun intended)," -Adrian Gogue 

Guam - The Pago Bay Ocean Resort project appeared to be moving along after developers seemingly acquired permits to continue.

However, Save Southern Guam is not only contending that the developers’ application for permits has expired, but that the developers for the controversial resort can’t move forward until they resolve over 50 conditions listed in the Notice of Action or NOA.

According to the Department of Land Management, “the applicant must apply for and receive a building or grading permit for the approved project within one (1) year of the date of Recordation of this Notice of Action, otherwise, the approval of the project as granted by the Commission shall expire.”

When PNC reached out to Glenn Leon Guerrero, the Director of the Department of Public Works, he admitted that DPW had yet to receive an extension for the one year deadline.

If there was no extension filed, Save Southern Guam contends the NOA for the Pago Bay Marina Resort officially expired a few days ago, saying, “it is time to put an end to this controversial project.” And Michael Borja, the director for the Guam Land Use Commission, agrees.

He told PNC that if DPW has yet to receive an extension, “it looks like the project’s approval was expired.”

But even if the developers acquired an extension that DPW and GLUC were not aware of, Save Southern Guam asserts that the party is barred from applying for a permit until all 54 matters identified in the notice are resolved.  

“For nearly 10 years,” writes Adrian Gogue, a representative from Save Southern Guam, “the Pago Bay development as a whole has been non-compliant with conditions set forth in Phases 1 and 2.”

The controversy for the resort began when owners of the Laguna at Pago Bay Resort or the Guam Wanfang Construction LLC announced their plans to build two high-rise condominiums --one 14 stories the other 15 stories, right alongside the mouth of the Pago Bay River. In order to build this they have to be granted a height variance and density variance.

According to Glenn Leon Guerrero, the developers haven’t secured a grading permit, adding that the onus is on the developer, not the government of Guam to move forward.


However, Gogue wrote: “In spite of all the non-compliance, the GLUC continues to accommodate this developer as if they were the last resort (pun intended). The behavior of the GLUC in flouting Guam law, and getting away with it, is an insult to the law and the collective intelligence of the people of Guam.” 

To read Gogue's letter and the Notice of Action in its entirety, you can click on the attached documents below. 

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