Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hong Kong man to plead guilty to attempting to smuggle over 2lbs of meth

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The methamphetamine was strapped to Leung's legs as he tried to clear customs at the Guam airport.

Guam - A Hong Kong man has signed a plea deal with the federal government, admitting to attempting to smuggle over 2 pounds of methamphetamine into Guam.

The Hong Kong national is identified as Chi Hang Leung. Authorities say that last month they received a tip that Leung was involved in money laundering and drug trafficking and that he would be traveling to Guam. Leung did in fact arrive on Guam in April 3 and while going through customs, a drug sniffing dog alerted customs officers to Leung.

Court papers say during the initial search, nothing was found inside Leung’s baggage but when an officer conducted a pat down, he felt something suspicious on Leung’s leg. It turned out to be one of four later discovered plastic packages wrapped in black tape that were strapped to Leung’s thigh area.

The plea agreement states that combined, the four packages weighed 1,048 grams, or over 2 pounds of methamphetamine with 80 percent purity.

Based on a the average street value of $500 a gram, the ice Leung brought in was worth more than $500,000. In the plea agreement, Leung told federal authorities that he agreed to smuggle the drugs in exchange for 40,000 Hong Kong dollars, which is only about $5,100 US dollars.

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