Friday, 19 May 2017

Man arrested for threatening revenge porn in exchange for sex

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Chaz Muna was charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct as a second degree felony.

Guam - A man who threatened revenge porn against a woman in exchange for sex is now behind bars on charges of criminal sexual conduct.

A magistrate report says 28-year-old Chaz Vincent Anciano Muna blackmailed a woman in March as part of an even bigger scheme that started online. The report says the woman met another man online by way of “catfish” which is an online dating term that involves hiding the identity of an individual.

But when the man revealed that he had been married, she refused to meet him. Police say the man’s wife found out and threatened to expose the victim unless she agreed to meet with Muna, her relative, to “explain her side of the story.”

The victim agreed to meet with Muna who demanded she take explicit pictures with him. According to police, Muna then threatened to expose those pictures if she didn’t have sex with him.

The victim agreed but says she later refused Muna’s further attempts to continue their relationship. At this point, the woman says Muna then began to harass and threaten her.

The magistrate report does not contain a statement from Muna and states that the report was not completed at the time it was submitted to the Superior Court.


 Muna was charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct and theft by threatening. 

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