President Donald Trump's proposal for tax reforms is prompting the congresswoman to urge action by local leaders.
Maraman says Guam courts are doing well while they work towards improving efficiency and public accessibility.
The Guam Association of Realtors, or GAR, had their General Membership Meeting to welcome special guest speakers who are first-time visitors to Guam.
Neocon is a convention geared towards local cosplayers, anime artists, prop builders, model kit enthusiasts, and toy collectors on the island.
"He said, 'If worse comes to worst, I'm gonna shoot this boy.' He was referring to my son," Ray said.
Cruz was wanted in connection with a robbery investigation, but when officers attempted to apprehend Cruz with a traffic stop, police say the suspect opened fire.
Two students of Simon Sanchez high school are now being hailed as heroes on social media following the reported rescue of two toddlers left unattended in a sweltering parked car.
The Guam Memorial Hospital was playing catch up last year but was able to pay three years’ worth of past due amounts thanks to a Section 30 Bond for nearly $50 million.
May 1 is Law Day, and to celebrate the newly-proclaimed Law Month, the Judiciary of Guam held an Oral Argument at Tiyan High School.
Okkodo High School beat over 400 competing schools, effectively nabbing one of the top spots in the culinary category.